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Kutno is almost at the geographic center of Poland. In fact, the geographic center of Poland is just to the southeast of the city. Here is a link to a video that shows that center. Piatek

The area around Kutno is an agricultural district. As you come into the city you go through miles and miles of orchards if you approach on the old road from the direction of Warsaw.

The other areas are traditional agricultural.

It is a major train stop on the intercity and local rail lines.

Of particular note is that just outside the city is a major complex that promotes Little League baseball. Here is a link to a video that shows that complex. Baseball

Kutno is historically important and was a major resting point for royalty passing between Germany and Warsaw.

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The old town is rather quaint and has some interesting things to see.

Of note is the Saski Palace which is the last remaining palace of its kind in Europe. Once upon a time there were thousands of palaces like this around Europe that were used by royalty as they traveled.

But today, the last one, and only part of it as a matter of fact, survives in Kutno's old town.

The fastest way to get there from Warsaw is now via the A2 highway to a point just south of Kutno at which point you exit the highway and go north on a local road. The road atlas at the top will help you do that and also find other points of interest in the area.

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