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Intercity Trains Poland

About the intercity trains in Poland and how to buy tickets for travel between the main cities in Poland.

Polish intercity train
Intercity Train

The intercity train system in Poland is the top of the line system. It is fast, efficient, well serviced, and the equipment is modern and well maintained.

It is a tourist friendly system.

You can buy intercity train tickets online by using the intercity train website that you find at this link. InterCity Reservations

The main disadvantage of the system is that it only services the larger cities around Poland. Read Intercity Travel Poland

But it does go cross-border to major cities all over Europe and Eastern Europe. And you can make connections to local trains and buses that you ticket locally.

This is the preferred network that he used by business people in Poland if they are traveling between the main cities.

If you are coming to Poland as a tourist, you are advised to follow their lead and if you travel between main cities, use this system.

If you are going to visit Oswiecim and the Auschwitz camp, and you are traveling from or via Warsaw, you will use the intercity system to get to Krakow at which point you will transfer to a bus or local train. Information about that is that this link. Best Way To Get To Auschwitz

We have included in this page some video material and pictures showing you the intercity trains.

We will note that some people have difficulty in using the online ticketing system.

It is our strong recommendation that if you were touring Poland, of late doing everything yourself and use a travel agent. That means use a travel agent to make your hotel reservations as well as your travel arrangements.

We can help you contact a local travel agency that has a good reputation after years of service.

If you have any specific questions or need help, use our live contact service that you find in the margin to the right.

We do hope that this intercity trains Poland has helped.

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