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How To Get To Krakow From Warsaw

Directions and help in getting to Krakow from Warsaw.

Inter City Train
InterCity Train

The information here is provided for tourists who do not wish to drive to Krakow by car. If you rent a car and wish information about driving to Kraków, then go to the page entitled driving to Kraków.

Bus service is available, but it is slow and not comfortable. Limousine service is definitely better.

Unless you take a limousine, generally the best way to get from Warsaw to Kraków is take a train from the Warsaw central train station.

To get to Krakow from Warsaw by train, the trains between Warsaw and Kraków run about every hour. The train schedules are available online and you can see them on this link.

Generally you do not need to worry about a reservation because the trains run salt often there are generally spaces available.

The travel time on the train is about three hours. Because of the speed of travel and the ease of travel, the train is actually the choice of many people in Poland who find it more convenient to take than to drive.

The train is an intercity train and you can reserve tickets using the include city train system that you find at this link.

The trains are comfortable and clean. You may wish to choose to travel first class of second class travel is more than adequate.

To Watch In Full Screen, Click On Train Station

Here is a video that shows some of the trains that you will see in Poland.

If you wish personal help with buying a ticket, here is a link to a travel agency that will help you.

You get your tickets at the ticket counter at the Warsaw Central Station. Because there are many international travelers coming through the station, you will find that there are ticket agents that speak English, German, and other languages. And if you are so unlucky as to find one that does not speak your language, you will find that the other people in the line are more than willing to help.

When you get to Kraków you will come in to the Kraków Central Station. It is a very short walk from a central station to the old town and you will find that there are many hotels around that Central Station.

We recommend that before you travel, you have maps in hand. Here are city maps.


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