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How To Get To The Arkadia Shopping Mall

Directions to the Arkakia shopping mall in Warsaw, Poland plus transportation information.

The Arkadia Shopping Mall is a major shopping and social center in Warsaw. There is a movie theatre, food court, restaurants, building supply, supermarket, fitness center as well as shops.

Arkadia Shopping Mall

It is one of Warsaw's most popular shopping and gathering places. More information about the mall is at these links.

Arkadia 1 - Important details.

Arkadia 2 - Details plus a video of the mall.

It is located in Northern Warsaw in the Zoliborz District at Rondo Radoslawa. Here is a map image that shows the location. Click on the image and a larger image will open in a new browser window.

rondo radoslawa

If you take a cab, they all know the Arkadia mall. Weekday evenings traffic can be heavy and the cab fare can, therefore, be steep. (Consider taking a tram. It will outpace the traffic.) But during the day a cab ride should be quick and the fare fair.

If you take public transportation, your goal is to get to the Rondo Radoslawa. Just look at the schedules for buses and trams. If the Rondo is listed, the unit is one you can take.

To get to the Arkadia shopping mall using public transportation, it is easiest to take the Metro from the Warsaw Centrum. If you take the Metro, get off at the Dworzec Gdanski station. It is very easy, very fast and very comfortable. You have a short walk from the station to the shopping mall.

You can also take a tram. It is NOT as comfortable a ride but it drops you right in front of the mall.

If you take a tram from the Centrum, (It is right next to the Metro, get on tram No 35 on ul Marszalkowska. That will alter that tram will take you directly to Rondo Radoslawa where most of the people will get off. Follow them across the street and into the mall

In the Centrum, generally you can find other trams and buses to the Rondo and Arkadia on ul. Jana PawlaII, Marszalkowska and Jerozolimskie.

First and foremost, though, ask for help at your hotel or a restaurant. The people there will give you tram numbers, bus numbers, tell you where to board them and are likely to help you get a cab if you want one.



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