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How To Buy Wholesale

How to buy hundreds of thousands of products at wholesale prices that you can resell at a large profit.

A major source of products that you can buy wholesale is the Chinese site AliBaba.

The companies that list in AliBaba sell many billions of dollars per year. So if you're looking for a wholesale product, do be sure to look at AliBaba.

But when you go there, be careful. There are many good reputable Chinese companies. On the other hand, there are those who will take you to the cleaners. You will get knockoffs, if you ask them to manufacture for you they will knock off and sell your product to others, and quantity can be horrible..

With that warning in mind, do take a good look at AliBaba. If nothing else you can use it to check prices and availability of various products. Here is a link.

Dealing with verified Western companies is the choice of many. There is no doubt that if you deal with Western companies you will, of course, find some that are not reputable and you will have quite possibly the same problems that you would have on AliBaba.

You can minimize problems that you will have by working with the larger wholesale directories that list only verified companies and police their listings to be sure that they provide you the best information possible.

One of the generally, most highly recommended is the WorldWide Brands directory. The directory is not free. You have to pay for it.

Experienced marketers often consider that the payment is like an insurance payment. They know they can find hundreds of thousand products offered by verified companies. They save time and grief. To them the payment is money well spent. Here is information about WorldWide Brands.

As for Polish products, we have an online store that offers Polish amber and other products. They come to you directly from Poland. You can see what is available in that wholesale store by clicking on this link.

With the information provided above you have access to hundreds of thousands of companies with hundreds of thousands of products. Many of the companies will dropship for you. So to look at them all.


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