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Hotel Westin Warsaw Poland

Hotel Westin Warsaw Guide, the hotel, how to get there, room rates and the city around it.

hote westin warsaw
Hotel Westin Warsaw

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The hotel is located in the corporate business section of Warsaw. The area around it was strategically developed by a partnership between the local government and private developers. It is definitely upscale.

The video below gives you some feel for the area as it is and some details about the hotel itself.

To get to the Westin from the Warsaw Airport we recommend that you use a limousine service or take a taxi cab. Get detailed information at Warsaw Airport Taxi. And limousine Services.

If you come into Warsaw via the Central Train Station, the walk takes about 15 minutes. But we still recommend that you take a taxi. See Warsaw Taxi.


More About The Westin Hotel

You are about a 15 minute walk away from the Zlote Terasy Shopping Mall and Palace of Culture.

The main tourist areas, including the Old Town, Nowy Swiat and the Royal Route are probably a brisk half hour walk.

There is ample public transportation in the form of trams and buses. For a first time visitor who is unfamiliar with their use, a cab is recommended. The hotel staff will help arrange a good cab for you and give you advice about current conditions and places to go.

The Hotel Westin is upscale and fully deserving of its five star rating.

The hotel caters to the business executive and others who expect the best.

Rather than duplicating information fully laid out by the booking services, we recommend that you review that there. You can find that at Hotel Rates And Services

Check room rates, discounts and availability here. Hotel Rates And Services

Around The Westin Warsaw

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The video to the left takes you through a panorama of section of Warsaw where the Westin is located. And then it shows you the streets and buildings around the Westin.












We do hope that this video and information about the Hotel Westin have been helpful.

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