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Here are Greek woman contacts, pictures and profiles.

This page contains a collection of the best sites to contact and date a Greek woman. It is a personals site that focuses on Greece and the beautiful women of Greece. There are different sites that give you access to many different lifestyles led by Greek women.

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Personals and dating web sites are used as much, if not more, by Greek women than people from other countries. There are so many dating web sites that you can spend a lot of time going in circles placing personals ads without success. This web site has a collection of what we have found to be the most active Greek dating and personals web sites where you can make contact with Greek women who enjoy many different lifestyles.

Greek Women For Long Term Relationships And Marriage

To find a Greek woman for a long-term relationship or marriage it is best to go to the most populated Internet matchmaking sites where you will find the largest number of Greek women who are looking for marriage. When you go to a large matchmaking site you find that is a very large selection of people and you're likely to have more success.

Additionally, if you are really interested in finding a woman for a marriage it is best to add your information to as many sites as possible. Do not limit yourself to one site. If you limit yourself to one site you limit your exposure and you are liable to miss a Greek woman that interests you.

Greek Women Looking For Men - For Greek women this is the first stop that you should consider. Go to this site for Greek women and add your profile. Adding your profile is free. This and the site immediately below this are the most productive for men looking for a Greek woman. If you are a woman be sure to ensure profile here.

Women From Greek Republic Looking For Men - This link is also a good place for you to add your profile to find a Greek woman. And if you are a Greek woman be sure that you are there. This site is as popular as the site above. You should be in both of these sites.

Online Dating - The Greek matchmaker is an international site that has a large number of Greek women included. Go to this site and add your information. You can enter it free. To look for a Greek woman just choose Greece in the search box.

Party Girls, Sex, Pen Pals, Chat

If you are traveling to Greece or if you live there now and you want to meet someone with whom you can party or you can meet or you can chat, there are many places that you find people that interest you. You can find them here but in order to protect those people who should not be here, we have put them in a separate page that you get to quickly by clicking on Greek Sex

The Social Conditions of The Greek Woman

Since the 1980s, Mobilization of Wide-Based Women's Movement Has Stirred Profound Changes in Greece - Greek women were demanding equal partnership in all social and economic aspects of development, as well as a redistribution of power, roles and resources. The mobilization of a strong, wide-based women's movement had stirred profound changes in Greece since the introduction of gender-related issues in the 1980s. The positive impact of those changes increased women's participation in all sectors of society. Despite their strengthened role and the presence of progressive legislation, however, men still dominate and gender-based discrimination persisted at all levels of Greek society.

Although Greek women have recently begun to participate more actively in the political life of the country, their involvement in the higher political echelons has remained minimal. They are also under-represented in Parliament, despite the fact that they comprise more than half of the voting population. Their limited presence is the result of backward attitudes, as well as the imposition of traditional divisions in the marketplace.

A national labour plan has promoted equal training and employment opportunities, and has reinforced women's abilities in professional and entrepreneurial roles.

Among other highlights of the strategy, a government programme to support out-of-work or laid-off personnel includes a special measure for Greek women, which offers them vocational training and new business subsidies. Resources have also been pledged for the creation of child care centres to aid working parents, as well as for the dissemination of employment information through the media and the Internet.

Despite the strengthening of the position of women, the male view continues to prevail and dominate in representations and practices. Sex discrimination exists at all levels of organized social life. Hence, while Greek women are increasingly represented, the positions offered to them are inferior. Also, there is still discrimination in the salaries of men and women in the private sector, while in television women are limited to minor roles, and in politics they are under-represented.

Although the Greek courts apply the principle of equal treatment of men and women in all cases referred to them, there are cases that are either not covered at all by the existing legislation or are insufficiently covered. As a result, the application of equal treatment becomes impossible. Such cases mainly concern violence in the family and sexual abuse in the workplace.

Prostitution is not a punishable act under Greek law. The laws regarding prostitution only regulate the conditions under which it is practised. For example, it sets the legal age for prostitution at 21 and requires prostitutes to undergo a medical exam twice a week.

Here are some hints that will help you in your quest to contact and date a Greek woman.

1) When you open your conversation, say something that fits the personal profile of the woman whom you are contacting. Don't use a standard bar 'pick-up'lines.

2) Write a personal note. Do not send out a form letter. Be specific. Form letters turn women off.

3) Give a lot more information about yourself than you put into your own personals advertisement.

4) Be sure to give the directions to your personal profile so that she can see what you have put up.

5) Be patient. She may not live on the computer. She may be on vacation, on a business trip or sick. Give her time. Wait a couple weeks and follow up.

6) Be polite and be positive.

There are a lot of women that have put their information in the dating services because they are looking. So be polite, create trust and you will find someone that fits your desires.

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