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There are many opportunities to find European women who are interested in marriage to someone outside their home country. In this page you get specific information as how to be successful in finding a European woman interested in marriage to a foreign man. Rated Generalaudience

There are four primary countries in Europe that have the most eligible women for marriage to foreign men. Those countries are Poland, Latvia, Ukraine, and Russia.

Western European men are looking to Poland for their wives. When Poland joined the European Union many Polish women went west to work. The men found them to be hard workers and very beautiful. They also found them to be pleasant people and nice to be with. So there is a definite preference by people in western Europe to meet and marry a Polish woman.

The two most popular places for Polish women who are interested in marrying a foreign man are English language Internet matchmaking sites that you can see at these two links.

Polish Woman One

Polish Woman Two



Latvian and Ukrainian women are also extremely attractive and very pleasant. Because of the nature of their country's you will find that the women of very comfortable in small-town and rural settings. The places to meet Latvian and Ukrainian women are under these links.

Ukrainian Woman One

Ukrainian Woman Two

Latvian Women


Russian women are known for their beauty. Russia is a big country and when you meet a Russian woman you will find a woman with the characteristics of her region. Russian women are desirable and very popular among foreign men. To meet Russian women who are interested in marriage go to these two links.

Russian Women One

Russian Women Two



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