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This is a list of European Blogs. You are invited to mark this to your favorites for quick reference.

If you have any suggests as to a blog to add to this page, please contact us with the url of the blog. Please limit the suggestions to blogs in the UK, EU and Eastern Europe which includes the Baltics and Russia.

If you are interested in the strange, odd and interesting news from Europe, you are invited to look at our own blog called the European News Review. It is a daily compilation of news from many different news services. For your convenience, there is an RSS feed so that you can get the news as it is updated.

Every person doing business on the web, from someone selling of eBay to someone who owns a large company, should have a blog. Each of the blogs here has a definite advantage to the publisher. You might want to read the information about Product Blogs and why you should have them.

And here is a list of other European Blogs.


Belgravia Dispatch

Biased BBC

Brussels Journal

Brussels Log

David's MedianKritik

E Business

EU Observer

Euro Correspondent

Euro Reporters

Eur Active


Euro News



Georgian Times

House of Dumb

Tocqueville Connection

Transatlantic Intelligencer


Posts on the UN

USS Neverdock


We do hope that this European blogs page has been helpful.

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