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Directions To Boleslawiec, Poland

This page gives you a map and directions to Boleslawiec Poland.

Below is a map that shows the main roads leading into Boleslawiec.

If you click on that small image a larger map will open in a new window.

We recommend that if you are going to travel in Poland by road that you get the latest copy of a road map for Poland. The roads are continually being upgraded and maps are quickly outdated. Information about maps of Poland are at Poland City Maps

Boleslawiec is somewhat removed from the center of traffic flow. Even so, people transiting the country have found it to be a convenient place to stop and spend the night.

The town is geared for overnight tourists with many bed and breakfast facilities.

The time to travel from Warsaw to Boleslawiec, even with the new roads in place, will consume the better part of a day and get you into town rather late to visit the Polish pottery factories.

Many people make a stop in Wroclaw and spend a nice evening touring that beautiful city. The then leave early and make Boleslawiec in time to shop for pottery. They then either head back to Wroclaw for the evening or push on through to Warsaw.

You can take a train into Boleslawiec. But once again the travel time is rather long since the train from Warsaw goes through Poznan.

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