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Polish culture and about the culture of the people of Poland.

Polish culture is explained in this catagory from many perspectives. If you want information about everyday manners, go to Poland's Culture Everyday The information that you see below gives you necessary historical background about the Polish Culture. It helps you understand the everyday Polish Culture.

You might also look at the page on Polish National Holidays. That page has videoes showing cultural events related to those holidays.

The style and personality of Polish life have been shaped over a thousand years. National culture was born of influences of the Latin and the Byzantine worlds, and from a dialogue between ethnic minorities in Poland. The Poles have always welcomed foreign artists and been eager to follow what was happening in other countries. In the 19th and 20th centuries Poles' concentration on cultural development often took the place of political and economic activity. These factors contributed to the versatile character of Polish art, with all its complex nuances.

Dialogue and the interpenetration of cultures have been major characteristics of Polish tradition for centuries. Customs, manners, clothes have reflected the influences of east and west. Traditional costumes worn by the gentry in the 16th and 17th centuries were inspired by rich eastern ornamental styles, including Islamic influences. Polish cuisine and social mores are another reflection of these various influences.

Polish towns reflect the whole spectrum of European styles. Poland's eastern frontiers marked the boundary of the influences of Western architecture on the continent. History has not been kind to Poland's architectural monuments. However, a number of ancient edifices have survived: castles, churches and palaces, sometimes unique in the regional or European context. Some of them have been laboriously restored (the Royal Castle in Cracow), or completely reconstructed having been totally ruined in the last war (the Old Town and Royal Castle in Warsaw, the Old Town in Gdansk and Wroclaw). Kazimierz on the Vistula is an example of a well-preserved Medieval town. Cracow ranks among the best preserved Gothic and Renaissance urban complexes in Europe. Polish church architecture deserves special attention. Some interesting buildings were also constructed during the communist regime in the style of social realism. Recently, some remarkable examples of modern architecture have been built.



Books About Poland And The Polish People



The history of Poland and its culture are put into fantastic perspective by James Michener in his book "Poland". A must read for anyone who intends to do business in Poland. And a should read for anyone who is going to visit the country.

Eat Smart in Poland contains a quick, easy-to-use menu guide, a helpful glossary of foods and flavors, tips on how to shop the fascinating food markets, useful phrases in Polish when ordering or buying food and more. If you are traveling or moving to Poland, take this book with you!


Passport Polandcover

Your Pocket Guide to Polish Business, Customs & Etiquette

Avoid cultural faux pas Learn about Poland's values and beliefs. Better understand people you will meet.


Polish Customs,
Traditions and Folklore

A richly detailed and well-informed month-by-month accounting of all the major Polish customs and traditions practiced over the centuries. Knab stirs and reawakens our ancestral memory.


The Best of Polish Cooking

This new edition includes a chapter on Light Polish Fare. In an easy-to-use menu format, the author arranges complementary and harmonious foods together--all organized in seasonal cycles.


Old Polish Traditions in the Kitchen and at the Tablecover

Here are nearly 100 recipes for such classic Polish favorites. The recipes are traditional family fare.


The Polish Way: A Thousand-Year History of the Poles and Their Culturecpver

The author clearly explains the history of Poland without too much clutter. The book is easy to read and flows well. This is an excellent book for those wishing to begin to study the history of Poland.


Rick Steves' Snapshot Krakow, Warsaw & Gdansk2


polish pottery book

Polish Pottery Handbook

All about Polish pottery and how to start your own business selling Polish pottery.

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