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Nude Beach Chalupy Poland

About Chalupy nude beach, the most famous nude beach in Poland.

chalupy nude beach

The nude beach at Chalupy is this probably the most famous nude beach in Poland because it has existed for such a long time and has been popularized a well known Polish song. Rated Generalaudience

The beach is a family beach that occupies an isolated stretch on the Baltic coast that can only does be described as absolutely beautiful. The beaches is wide and clean.

It is generally not crowded and the people who go to the beach are a mix of nude, topless, clothed and semi-clothed couples and families. There are the occasional single guys who wander between the couples looking for attention but they are generally ignored and usually leave after a short stay. It is not necessarily a swingers beach. It is a naturalist beach where you find families with children. Some wear suits, some go topless, some entire families are nude and some are a mixed bag of clothed and unclothed.

There are a number of single women who come and generally park themselves near a couple or family when they want to be left alone. They go nude or topless.

If people introduce themselves, or try to start a conversation, it is generally done at the waterside and not at the blankets on the sand.

The water is typical of the Baltic Sea. It is cold and clear. The cold does not stop those naturalists who come to the beach. Late in the season, however, when the weather gets hot, the water turns green as algae growth develops.

The beach is located on the Hel Peninsula and is West, approximately 12 km from the rondo in the town of Wladyslawowo which town is the entry point to the Hel Peninsula.

It is 2 km from the center of the town of Chalupy on the road from Chalupy to Hel. There's a parking area on the right hand side of the road. There is limited parking on the left side. Here is a basic map of the area. Map Of Chalupy Poland

It can be difficult to get a parking place because of the popularity of the beach. Many people ride bikes to the beach from the adjacent towns of Chalupy and . Some walk. Here is a satellite picture of the parking area. Chalupy Beach And Parking The beach is at the top. There is a state maintained path through the woods that is easily walked. It is only a couple hundred meters.

There are no facilities to eat drink and there were no toilets. There are garbage bins that are fairly well policed by the town. The beach is clean and the people who attend the beach tend to clean up not only their own litter but also that left behind by some inconsiderate others.

The atmosphere is friendly and open.

There is a walkway and bike path on the hill overlooking the beach. Many guys park themselves up there to look.

You can also expect some airborne visitors who drop down for a look. They provide their own entertainment for the kids on the beach.

This man flew from Wladyslawowo to enjoy the view of the beach.

Low Flying Observer at Chalupy Nude Beach

Here are the Polish Police doing close up surveillance of the beach.

Polish Police sometimes patrol Chalupy closely.



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