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How to contact us in Poland free. If you are familiar with Skype we have two skype accounts that are generally monitored.

Our Skype ID is polcham.

You are invited to contact us computer to computer free. Remember that we work from Warsaw, Poland so it is best to call us as early in the morning your time, as possible. To check the time, please go here. World Time

If you are not familiar with VOIP or Skype, in particular, please read on.

You can use the internet to make free telephone calls. The system used on the internet is called VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).

There are many services you can use to make calls using VOIP.

We use the Skype system. It is free to put on your computer and when you call from your computer to their computer, there are no charges.

You can also subscribe to a special service that allows you to make long distance and international telephone calls from your computer to another telephone incredibly cheap. We use this to contact people who do not have Skype.

To use Skype you can use a headset with microphone or a desk microphone and speakers on your computer. Headsets and desk microphones are very inexpensive.

And you need a high speed connection to the internet.

If you are in business you will find that Skype is an excellent tool to use to communicate with your customers. We use it not only for that but also to communicate between offices.

We advocate Skype because it makes it very inexpensive for us to contact our customers. And our customers are more likely to contact us when they can do it free.

Here is more information about Skype. Free Tele-Communications to and from Poland and About Making Free Telephone Calls To Poland

And you can download it free at Free Phone Calls.

If you do not wish to use Skype, you may call me on +48 389 67 93



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