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This page is about how you can profit from business opportunities related to Polish products.

The Polish economy is expanding rapidly since Poland joined the European Union. That is due in large part because the world has found that Poland is a land of opportunity.

The opportunities are vast. You can get involved as a small business person and import Polish products for your home business. Or you can invest in real estate, become a Business Agent and represent Polish exporters, invest in a factory, out source work and export your products.

Each of these is a topic unto themselves. And we give you information about each of these topics in this page.

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Small And Home Business Opportunities

Pocket Watch Distributor

A low investment business with big potential. You get a complete marketing guide and business planning guide.

Gazing Globe And Watering Ball Distributor

Salt Lamp Distributor

How To Start A Polish Pottery Business

How To Drop Ship

Start a business without inventory. This is a way to start an internet based business on a shoestring.


Other Business Opportunities

You can save a lot of time and aggravation by looking at these two links that discuss how to make a full time living on the internet and how to use drop shipping.

Make A Full Time Living On The Internet

A good way to get started.

The Drop Ship Business Opportunity

Drop shipping has made more internet millionaires than any other process. Read about it here.


Freelance job opportunities offered by polish companies

If you are looking for a free-lance job opportunity, look to Poland. You will find that Polish companies appreciate freelance representatives and that they manufacture products that are particularly attractive to someone who wishes to have an independent job that does not put on them under a lot of pressure but offers them a good income opportunity.


Business Opportunities

We have many pages covering business opportunities in Poland. Be sure to check the information in each of them for each may have a business opportunity that can be of interest to you.

Home Based Business Opportunities

Another section on home based opportunities.

Your Image On The Internet

Most people assume because they are behind a computer that they do not have to be concerned about their images. That is simply not the case. Here is information that you should read and heed.


Unique Polish Products

Everyone wants unique products for their shops. Here is a list of unique products for you.



How Much Is The Shipping Cost?

How many times people ask how much is the shipping before they order the product. That question is not possible to answer. But here is information that will give you some ideas.

Polish Pottery Business

There is a fortune to be made in Pottery. Read the basic information about your own pottery business.

Freelance Import Export Business Opportunities.

Poland, a country of creative and entrepreneurial people, is the source of high quality products that are being exported to discriminating markets all over the world. Small Polish companies that do not have extensive marketing budgets are using freelance representatives to improve their market share.



Small home businesses have found that Poland is very business friendly to them. (For a link to some attractive options, go to Business Opportunities In Poland ). Many have succeeded beyond their own expectations and have helped drive the Polish economy. Polish exports are booming.

Tourism to Poland has also helped the Polish economy. Tourists buy large numbers of Polish products and take them home with them. They actually help develop the Polish export market because people who see what they have brought home often create a local demand for some of the same. You can see a discussion of the top ten exports sold to the tourist trade when you go to this link Top Ten Polish Exports

Real Estate In Poland

The real estate in Poland is very attractive to foreign investors. Money is pouring into the country and the prices of apartments is climbing at over 10 percent per year. In some regions it is over 15%. There are stories of some people from Western Europe going into apartment complexes and buying anything that find available in that complex.

Real estate is by its nature local. So contacting a local agent is a necessity. You are recommended to contact the chamber of commerce for your country to find members of that chamber who are real estate agents and who can help you. You can get help with this through your embassy. You can find links to embassies in Poland at this link. Embassies In Poland

Buy Wholesale

There are many interesting products that are very popular around the world. The list is too long to include here. If you are looking for a product, you can post your inquiry and it will be forwarded to Polish companies. If they are interested, they will contact you. You can use the form that you find here. Polish Product Information Center

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