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Distribute Polish products

How to distribute Polish products.

There are very many opportunities for you if you decide to distribute of Polish products. Poland makes very many unique products that you will not see in the major retail firms and as such are very attractive to the small business owners, boutiques, trade show and flea market attendees plus the many people who sell on their web sites and eBay.

What Is A Distributor

At a distributor is a person who either buys large quantities of products and stores them in a warehouse for resale to people who are selling to the general public or who takes orders from small businesses and assembles them into one large order which is placed with a factory and then the products are shipped directly to the small businesses who made the order.

Distributors may sell on the web or they may hire sales people to work for them and sell offline.

A distributor is distinguished from a retailer in that a distributor is a person that sells to retailers either directly or through the efforts of salesman that work for the distributor.

Background on the Distributor Program

You can be an independent distributor and order directly from the factories in Poland. In that case it is a simple matter of you ordering directly from the factories as long as you order the factory minimums and have your products and shipped directly from Poland. You can get prices and catalogs and information by going to this link. Polish Product Information Center

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