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Boleslawiec Polish Pottery Wiza

About the Boleslawiec Polish Pottery manufacturer commonly known as Wiza

Boleslawiec Polish Pottery

This factory, commonly known as Wiza, makes a full line of traditional Boleslawiec Polish pottery. Because of its reputation for reliability and quality, it has become one of the largest exporters of Polish pottery from Poland.

Wiza, as well as most other Boleslawiec pottery factories, offer factory direct as long as you can purchase at the factory minimum.

In any case, as with many export items, the important factor on pricing will be shipping cost of shipping is largely dependent upon volume and there is a minimum shipping charge so if you do not order and pottery to bring you to the limit of what you can ship under that minimum, the shipping costs for your order can make a significant difference in the endpoint price when you import to your country.

You are invited to review this video that shows pictures of some of the pieces and patterns offered by Wiza.


Catalogs for the various Polish pottery companies are available through the Poland chamber. You can get information about those catalogs by going to this link that is appropriately named catalogs.

For assistance with this and any other need assistance with you are invited to use the service provided by the Poland chamber that you can find at this link. Polish Product Information Center

One recommendation stands out above of all.

If you were going to do business on the Internet and tried to contact a factory or factory representative, be sure to use business e-mail you can get information about that by looking at this video.


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