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This site contains a collection of the best sites to contact and date a Belgian woman. It is dedicated to giving you information about Belgian women and girls. It categorizes that information so you can find a woman that is likely to be interested in you and your offer. Rated Generalaudience

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Meeting Belgian Women For Long Term Relationships And Marriage

There are many Belgian women and girls who are looking for a long term relationship and marriage who have placed their profiles on the Internet. To meet these women it is best that you go to the web sites that are most popular among Belgian women. These are, naturally, the places where you find the most activity and the most women. And they are most popular because the women find them the best places to make good contacts.

It is like anything else. People go where they find success. You find in this section 3 of the most popular places to meet Belgian women. There are thousands of women and girls available here.

If you are woman interested in a long-term relationship with a Belgian woman, you should add your profile to each of these sites also.

Do not limit yourself to one site. It is like going to meeting places in town. Go from place to place and you will meet more people. So add your profile in all three of these locations.

Belgian Women Looking For Men

This first site where you can find Belgian women looking for long-term relationships is one of the most productive sites that we know of. It has very high ratings among both men and women looking for long-term relationships. If you're looking to meet a Belgian woman be sure to add your information in this particular site.

Women From Belgium Looking For Men

The Belgian women that are in this site are in a site that has a network of many sites all over the world. There are over 20 million people in this total network. This is a place that you can find at a Belgian woman who is looking for a long-term relationship. Do add your profile here.

Online Dating

This site is another site that has a large number of listings. To find a Belgian woman just add information and search Belgium.

Belgian Women As Party Girls, Pen Pals, Chat

If you are not yet ready for marriage and just want to party in Belgium, then this section is for you. It has listings for Belgian women who are interested in partying and having a good time. The four links below give you various approaches to having a good time with Belgian women. Each has a different selection of people and things that you can do. You are presented these so that you can choose your way of approaching a good time with a Belgian woman.

Understanding The Belgian Woman And the Belgian people

Historically, Belgium has been part of various empires, and recent efforts have been made to make Belgium into Europe's capital. As a result, the country is accustomed to hosting expatriates of almost every nation on the continent of Europe and is one of the world's most cosmopolitan environments.

Belgium's population of 10.3 million is divided into 55% Flemish and 33% Walloon. In addition, a small German population lives in two eastern cantons on the German border. Belgium is also home to immigrants from Greece, Turkey, and Yugoslavia after World War II. Other immigrants are from Belgium, Spain, and Morocco. Internally, an intense rivalry between residents of Flanders and Wallonia has pervaded Belgian life. The people of northern, agricultural Flanders have historically been considered the under class of Belgium, but since WW II, their status has risen as a region in proportion to their economic prosperity. Meanwhile, the economic situation in the southern region of Wallonia, the site of the country's heavy industry, has been steadily deteriorating.

Belgians are inclined to be very formal in business and social milieus, unless with very close friends. North Americans often feel that Belgian reserve is a sign of dislike and/or disrespect, but colleagues become more affable and approachable over time. Remoteness is not to be taken as an indication of disdain.

Belgian people use the personals and dating web sites as much, if not more, than people from other countries. There are so many dating web sites that you can spend a lot of time going in circles placing personals ads without success. This web site has a collection of what we have found to be the most active Belgian dating and personals web sites.

Here are some hints that will help you in your quest to contact and date a Belgian woman.

1) When you open your conversation, say something that fits the personal profile of the woman whom you are contacting. Don't use a standard bar 'pick-up'lines.

2) Write a personal note. Do not send out a form letter. Be specific. Form letters turn women off.

3) Give a lot more information about yourself than you put into your own personals advertisement.

4) Be sure to give the directions to your personal profile so that she can see what you have put up.

5) Be patient. She may not live on the computer. She may be on vacation, on a business trip or sick. Give her time. Wait a couple weeks and follow up.

6) Be polite and be positive.

There are a lot of women that have put their information in the dating services because they are looking. So be polite, create trust and you will find someone that fits your desires.




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