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Baseball In Poland

About little league baseball in Poland with videos.

Even though Kutno, Poland is the home of the regional headquarters for European Little League baseball, the video which is shown below, generally baseball is not that popular in Poland. There are a limited number of teams in a limited number of cities.

There are several web sites related to the ball clubs. Here is a link to a site - in Polish - that lists the clubs and has a map that shows the cities where clubs are located.

And here is Baseball Warsaw with an English language version. And one only in Polish.

In the video below, you see us on the trip to the regional headquarters for baseball in Kutno, Poland. It was amazing to see such a large facility, with games being played, and no spectators.

We have not had the opportunity to visit other cities to watch games. When we do, we will update this information.

If you can provide information, please make a video response in the video below.

The sport is not that popular in Poland. And it is not that well promoted.

We have had comments in our videos that people did not know of the baseball complex in Kutno.

It would seem that if any organization had an interest in promoting the game, it would be the City of Kutno.

The ball fields shown in this video are fantastic.

The support buildings are nothing short of impressive.

And people do not know about them?

What would you do to promote baseball in Poland?

Please leave your comments in the video comments section.





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