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About the benefits of amber powder, what it does for your body and how to save money by making it.

Amber powder, derived from Pure Natural Baltic Amber, is one of natures own cures - succinic or amber acid. And it has been shown to be a very effective cure at that is good for skin application..

In the year 2002, Nikolai Moshkov, a doctor who works from Kaliningrad, reported getting fast and effective therapeutic results by using amber powder. He rubbed powder, made from pure natural baltic amber, on the skin in the local of the patients ailment. Amber was applied on different patients in such places as the head, spine, thyroid gland, chest, and the limbs.

He found the most visible results when applied to the face.

He maintains that unfavorable environmental conditions prevailing today block the natural flow of energy-related processes in cells and the micronization of amber improves its assimilation by the stress-weakened organism of contemporary mankind.


Amber Health Aids

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Amber powder is generally used in herbal medications that call for the benefits of natural baltic amber. And it is baltic amber that is called for because it is the only amber with a remarkably high level of the medically active ingredient succinic acid, otherwise known as amber acid. See Amber Acid

Because people find it most economical to make their own, amber powder is generally made by crushing raw amber using a mortar and pestle.

It can also be bought in alternative medicine stores in Europe and internationally at Amber Powder.

One of the more widespread home uses in Eastern Europe of the powder is for anti hangover treatment. A pinch on the tongue downed with a beer is highly acclaimed as the way to get over the after effects of alcohol. But of course, others use the amber acid based RU-21 pill that was developed in Russia.

How To Make Amber Powder

To make your own amber powder, buy small grain amber chips and grind them fine with a mortar and pestle. Pure natural baltic amber will shatter very quickly when subjected to pressure. So the grinding process will be very easy.

You can buy amber chips at Bulk Amber Chips


It is important to note that this information applies only to Amber from the Baltic regions of Europe. That is because the active medicinal ingredient in Amber is succinic acid - hence the medieval name for amber as succinium. Natural Baltic Amber contains the highest concentration of succinic acid and that is why it is chosen by Chinese medicine makers in spite of its comparatively high price relative to cheap Chinese ambers and ambers from other parts of the world.

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Amber Health Aids

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