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All Saints Day In Poland

About the celebration of All Saints Day in Poland with a video showing Powazkowski Cemetery during the celebration.

All Saints Day is a Polish National Holiday. It is one of a group of National Holidays that require most commercial activities be closed.

Information about Polish National Holidays is under this link.

And even though it is but one day on the calendar, it is normally celebrated over a period of three to five days, depending on what day of the week it falls.

It is a major travel period for the Polish people for they visit family graves wherever they are located.

Flowers and candles are left on graves of family and friends. Candles are also left on graves of famous Polish writers, actors and politicians and well as noted patriots.

All Saints Day and Halloween are historically derived from different ancient traditions.

The Roman Catholic Church fixed the date for celebrating the Saints in an effort to co opt the celebration that was taking place at the time.

In Poland, people celebrate both All Saints Day and Halloween. There is some resistance to Halloween on the part of older folks as they see it as a commercial venture imported from the United States. In fact, Halloween was imported to the United States from Europe and it is now being exported back to Poland.

To see this video on All Saints Day in Poland in full screen , Click on All Saints Day . Your comments are also invited by clicking on that link.

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