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Accommodations In Poland

About the various types of accomodations in Poland and how to find the best for your needs.

Hotel On The Baltic

As you plan to come to Poland, you will find that you can choose accommodations from among some of the best five-star hotels Europe right on down to beautiful campgrounds that you find everywhere.

There are thousands of family owned hotels and guest houses where you can find some of the finest lodging that you could want.

Local hotels cater to the business market, the local wedding party market, and Polish tourists. Additionally, in some areas there are a large number of German tourists that come to Poland and you will find that the offers for lodging are presented in both Polish and German. And many of the staff at these facilities speak German.

Many of these places rely on word-of-mouth to attract guests. As such they maintain a high level of service so that they get referrals.

In the tourist areas you will also see many signs advertising a free room. And sometimes you will see these free room signs in places that you would not expect. This often happens in some remote farming villages where people are interested in agro-tourism. Many people really enjoy their experiences of staying in a Polish home in the countryside.

Sometimes finding accommodations in Poland can be difficult.

If you intend to vacation in Poland on the Baltic or in the Mazury Lakes region, you must plan well in advance since vacationers tend to make their reservations in December and January. And in some cases they reserve for the next year as they end this year's vacation.

In the video below we show you pictures of many of the type facilities that you will find in Poland.

As a general note every one of the accommodations that we show are very well maintained and in pleasant surroundings. This is typical. The pictures that you see are from our library of those that we take as we pass through Poland on business and vacation. What you see is what you get.


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